Chronic Back Pain and Neck Pain Relief
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Our Chronic Back Pain and Neck Pain Expertise

chronic back pain expertsThe Treatment Model. We are a niche-focused non-surgical spine care center, which offers you a competitive patient advantage. A non niche-focused clinic operates under the wide and shallow treatment model. This type of clinic typically will try to become experts in everything, which ultimately makes them experts in very little. The result is a costly, watered down, ineffective treatment experience for you that turns even more costly when you have to seek treatment elsewhere.

Our comprehensive non-surgical spine care center has aggressively flipped the clinic treatment approach. We choose to operate under a narrow and deep treatment model. We focus solely on chronic back pain and chronic neck pain having to do with disc and nerve related conditions only.

This model empowers our specialists to laser focus their expertise. The result is an inexpensive, results based treatment experience that best serves your
chronic pain needs.

spinal decompression associationAmerican Spinal Decompression Association (ASDA) Certified. We are the only non-surgical spine care center in southern California certified by the ASDA. The ASDA's purpose is to bring together a network of leading and certified specialists who have been approved to treat your chronic back pain issues.

Would you be willing to have open heart surgery from a doctor who wasn't board certified in heart surgery?

We encourage you to act with the same level of respect and care for your spine as you would with your heart.

Comprehensive Multi-disciplinary Expertise. This benefit gives you the expertise of a Medical Doctor. Yet another competitive results based advantage you will receive with us, which you can't find at your average clinic. This is because most clinics are limited by their type of license.

The reality is Medical doctors without our level of expertise are usually so inundated with general medical conditions they can’t effectively help with musculo-skeletal issues. Therefore, your MD will most likely prescribe you pain meds and refer you out for Chiropractic or Physical Therapy. The challenge you will face in this scenario is that Chiropractors are trained in musculo-skeletal conditions but lack the ability for medical intervention when necessary.

At California's premier non-surgical spine care center we solve this challenge for you by bringing you the best of both worlds with our comprehensive multi-disciplinary expertise.

Our Chronic Back Pain and Neck Pain Experience

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