Repetitive Motion Injuries and Chronic Back Pain

A very common phrase used in the work place and that is responsible for many work related injuries is called Repetitive Motion Injuries.  This is when the employee during their workday has to make a repetitive movement to complete the tasks necessary for the usual and customary duties of their employment.

repetitive motion injury chronic back painAn example would be a factory worker who has to place cans coming off of the assembly line into boxes to be delivered.  The employee all day lifts the cans with their right hand and bends to the right side placing the cans in the box.  Many times the employee ends up with low back pain from the repetitive bending at the waist towards the right side.

Another example is the Police Officer that gets in and out of his car all day long, and sits in his car writing his reports.  Most time in a police car, there is what is called right car seat break down.  This is when the right side of the driver’s seat breaks down due to the officer entering and exiting the car.  If you put a level across the seat, you would see that it would be uneven, slanting towards the entrance side of the car.  Now you put the office with an extra 23 pounds of equipment sitting in that vehicle for up to 6 hours a day, and there you have it, low back pain caused by repetitive motion syndrome.

So what is the answer?

The answer is to be aware of the causes of these problems and address them to lessen or eliminate the injuries before they occur.  In office settings, the new buzzword is to have an “ergonomically designed work station.”  Different from the police officers day, the work station of a stationary office worker can be designed to make the chair more conducive for sitting for prolonged periods of time, and to make the computer and work area at a better level to keep the employees head even when working and not leaning forward.  Even for the police officer however, light equipment can be worn such as a nylon gun belt as opposed to the leather ones certain departments still use.  The car seat can be check regularly and replace when left car seat break down occurs.  With the factory worker, they can be trained to utilize both sides of their body, changing their position regularly and having the items to place in boxes at a better level to lessen the chance of injury.

Reducing or eliminating these problems are something that companies are very actively looking at today more than ever due to the high cost of workers compensation insurance for their employee.  There are companies designed exclusively for creating more ergonomically work areas in all aspects of the work force.

If you are an employer, or an employee, you need to be aware of this type of injury and work closely with your human resource division to find the best way to get the most productivity out of yourself or your employees with the least amount problems occurring.  This is one aspect of the work force that to be proactive will result in a better working situation for all.

The Non-Surgical Spine Care Center specializes in non-surgical treatment solutions for chronic back pain sufferers due to a multitude of causes, including repetitive motion injuries.  If you are suffering from chronic pain due to repetitive motion injuries, visit



    Workplace repetitive motion injuries in the U.S. are very complicated as they increase mainly by some frequent sources. The other terms of repetitive motion injuries are repetitive injuries or collective distress chaos. It happens by doing the same work constantly for a long era. Take for example, if a job requires a vigorous physical exertion in an itchy or abnormal pose, and if it is a customary part of doing the job, it can escort to these kinds of injuries. There are two kinds of repetitive motion injuries, they are known as tendinitis and bursitis. Away from these two mentioned types of repetitive motion injuries, there are other ordinary problems such as, muscle stiffness problems, back pain problems and hernias.

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