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As you read through these testimonials you'll notice a common theme of people who were living in pain while spending money trying multiple different treatments with little to no success.

Stop wasting your time and hard earned money chasing after ineffective treatments at clinics while continuing to suffer in pain.

Instead, give us a call today and take advantage of our No Obligation Total Spine Care Consultation to begin your chronic back pain or neck pain relief. You've really got nothing to lose other than your pain.

back pain reliefMy name is Michael Emmert. I am 64 years old, stand 6’6” tall and weigh 250 pounds. During most all of my adult life I have stuffed my body into & traveled several million miles in automobiles and airplanes working in Corporate Real Estate field in the Fast Food & Supermarket industries. During those years I was constantly bothered by a back that never seemed to get resolved despite many visits to traditional chiropractic manipulating.

In October 2007 during a business trip to Kentucky I once again aggravated my lower back while staying several nights in the same hotel and sleeping on what I thought at the time was a very comfortable bed. But, by the end of the week my lower back was ‘talking’ very loud to me. Physically struggling to get home on an airplane was the first of many challenges in search of relief.

Three months later, I met Barry Schleider D.C. from the Fountain Valley Clinic. He invited me to visit the clinic for a free evaluation, which included digital X-Rays. Due to the fact that I live in Northern California he offered me the opportunity of an accelerated treatment plan of 24 visits, six per week, for a short four week time period.

Within one week of commencing treatment I was noticeably feeling better and by the end of two weeks was almost pain free with full range of movement achieved. At the end of my four weeks I was feeling great and have since that time been pain free. Every time I visit my family in Orange County I take the opportunity to take a couple of maintenance treatments which keeps me smiling.

The staff at the Fountain Valley Clinic is absolutely fantastic. Everyone that assists in the treatment process…..from the pre-heat treatment…..to the Spinal Decompression machine…..to the Hakomed treatment…..and to the amazing Dry Aqua Massage Bed is kind, courteous and professional as they lead you through your recovery process and treatments.

— Michael Emmert

spinal decompression patientI am 56 years old and before this injury I was in extremely great health and physically fit. I am an exterminator by trade. I’m also a Master in the Martial Arts and enjoy full contact fighting, so I have to stay in excellent shape.

The crushed disc and sciatica created pain down my right leg. The pain was so bad it was making my stomach sick and my right leg felt as if someone was hitting it with a baseball bat. I could not walk at all!

I thought this whole time I was out of joint and needed to see my chiropractor, anyway I was taking a shower and while drying off, picked up my right leg to dry and thought I could adjust myself as I have in the past. Well I pulled up on my right leg and dropped to the floor. I could not walk and excruciating pain set in. I yelled to my wife “Get me that pamphlet we picked up and called the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center (I do not like doctors or surgery) called spoke to Dani and made an appointment, within an hour we had to figure out how I was going to get in the car, but that’s another story.

Well in 3 weeks I was walking, one month and a half the pain was almost gone and it’s been 2 months and I’m back to work. I am still continuing my treatments 3 times a week and working my way to becoming 100%! About the staff, you couldn’t ask for a more professional caring and extremely helpful, they are just plain AMAZING! All of them!! They carried me in and carried me out and just the other day one of the staff looked at me and said” Weren’t you just having trouble walking the other day?” I walk in and out on my own and do my own driving!!!

— Frank Bellospirito

Sid BrittonI am 63 and was enjoying golf and travel in my retirement when back pain took away the good life. I could no longer exercise, rest in bed properly, sit for any length of time, and worst of all play golf. I tried medication, massage, acupuncture and a therapy trainer who made things much worse. I could no longer look over my shoulder to back my car out of the garage. I had a bulging disk in my lower back and was very afraid that I may be headed for back surgery.

I first visited the Non Surgical Spine Care Center in March 2008. I really had doubts that it could do anything more than give me some small amount of pain relief. I decided to give it a try primarily because I was willing to do anything to avoid surgery. I was immediately impressed with the congenial environment at the center and the relaxing nature of the treatment itself…at least I was going to enjoy the spa like feeling on each trip to the Center. It didn’t take long before I realized that, amazingly, I was going to get my back fixed and fix it they did!

I now have NO PAIN at all. I am back to a perfectly normal life. I can travel without back worries. I am following the Centers exercise recommendations, lost 15 pounds and feel better than I have in 15 years. Golf is back and I have a single digit handicap for the first time since I was in my 40’s. They have given me back the retired good life.

— Sid Britton, Long Beach, CA

Chronic Back PainThis letter is a testimonial to Dr. Schleider and the staff of The Non Surgical Spine Care Center for my achieving the “all star pain free status” in dealing with my back problems.

I am the president of Butier Engineering, Inc. a professional Construction Management firm. The ability to meet the professional and personal demands of my life were seriously impacted when I was diagnosed by my orthopedic surgeon that I had suffered a very serious herniated disc at L-5, S-1. I was faced with the specter of surgery recommended by the surgeon. The success rate of which was very low and often the condition and pain was worse after surgery and there was the need of additional surgery should the initial results prove to be ineffective.

I researched alternatives to surgery and found “Non Surgical Spine Care Center.” I commenced treatment July 2008 and by late October I was “pain free.” It took about 30 visits before I became pain free but during the treatment period I was experiencing non relenting pain. The pain subsided immediately after one session.

I am presently in Rehydration Phase of treatment and periodically return for minimal treatment to ensure the condition does not reoccur.

I am truly grateful to Dr. Schleider and the staff in the kindly and professional manner in which I have been treated during the process. The results were truly remarkable.

If any individual is contemplating orthopedic surgery and Dr. Schleider deems you to be a candidate for the therapy, I recommend and urge that you undertake this therapy prior to acceding to any orthopedic surgery if such a choice is medically an option.

Robert ChismMy name is Robert Chism, I am 39 years old and I have been a Deputy Sheriff for nearly 16 years. In my career, I have broken a hip and had several back injuries during a few different incidents at work. These injuries have placed extra pressure on my back and sciatica nerve, as well as my knees and lower joints. I have been in a decent amount of pain since 1999 and have learned a phrase by one of the specialists that some of you may have heard “Pain Management.” I have been trying to manage the pain for many years through pain medication, acupuncture and physical therapy. I tried to leave the pain medication alone after the doctor said that they would have to take blood to monitor my liver functions on a regular basis, which may have increased my level of discomfort on numerous occasions. There have been times where my back or sciatic nerve would give me problems, as simple as getting out of my patrol car.

After stumbling across the information booth and then the initial consultation, I determined that this treatment was a “must have” for my well being. I immediately felt less pressure in my sciatic nerve and lower back. The regular treatment has eased every aspect of my life. I sleep with more ease, my workouts require less recovery time and I don’t have to worry so much about what my back will or won’t allow me to do on any given day. I recently played in a basketball tournament and in the past just one game caused pain and stiffness in my back for many days after, not to mention a heavy dose of anti-inflammatory meds. I ended up playing 3 games in a 6 hour period and had no real pain or stiffness afterwards, which confirms my belief that this treatment is making a drastic change for the better in my life. The Staff at the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center are doing a GREAT job!!!

— Robert Chism

“W.C.” FoxHi! My name is W.C. Fox. I’m 55 years young, a self-employed automobile broker for over 30 years and a surfer. I’ve been in a few motorcycle and car accidents (none my fault! My first major accident was at 19 years old), wiped out hard surfing and general living that has evidently, caused me to have pain in my lower back. I’ve never been a manual laborer (ask my friends when they ask me to help them move!) because it hurts too much. I ended up having a chronic pain in my lower back that could flare up at the slightest motion – like stepping off a curb or turning or bending slightly.

Trying to relieve my pain, I have been to various chiropractors (each one seems to have a different technique) that works temporarily. I don’t take medicine, but have tried acupuncture and had an epidural. All these were fine for the short run but, I wanted to be free from pain permanently. So, after another car accident (again, not my fault!) and trying the same things I opted to try this process at the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center.

As a Huntington Beach Chamber Ambassador I attended Non-Surgical Spine Care Center chamber celebration, took the tour and listened to Dr. Barry Schleider’s presentation and thought, what the heck, I’ll try this.

I started the process in December 2008. I was told that it would take at least 25 sessions, no 100% guarantee, but they would continue until I was pain-free. I had 3 sessions a week for a while and then two a week for about two hours a day. 25 visits finally came about but I didn’t feel any change. Not even diminishing pain! Then at session #34, Voila! NO PAIN!! I was skeptical so I didn’t tell the staff because I wanted to see for myself if this was just a fluke or whatever. In between sessions I was still pain-free! I finally fessed up and told the staff because I was very excited! It appeared to have worked! I continued, still no pain, asked to “graduate” but they made sure for a few more visits and finally told me I had graduated! Hallelujah! To this day I no longer have that nagging pain!! Thank you Non-Surgical Spine Care Center!!

The office staff and doctors have been wonderful to me the entire process, they were patient with me during my doubts and during the times of my pain. I feel great!!

Note: While I was getting treatment, I heard some people doubting the procedure. I told them “Be patient, continue the treatments and trust it will work. I felt no improvement until one day when the pain disappeared! Give it time!” I have since referred two people and am anxious to hear their results!

— “W.C.” Fox

Peggy GouldI am a 72 year old retired Medical Technologist. In the summer of 2007 I began having major back pain. I am an active person and regularly exercise at a gym. My major hobby is ballroom dancing. I was prescribed a muscle relaxant to relieve the pain so that I could continue these activities. When the pain returned, despite taking the medication, I had an Epidural Steroid Injection. It was not successful in eliminating my back pain. In fact I developed a Spinal headache and was bedridden for 3 weeks after the Epidural procedure.

I then tried Physical Therapy, which was only moderately successful at reducing the pain. It was necessary for me to resume taking the muscle relaxants daily so that I could continue my regular activities. I spoke with a representative of the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center in June of 2008. After asking many questions and reading the literature she gave me. I decided to undergo the procedure. I found the procedure to be painless and the staff very professional and kind. My pain has been gone for over 9 months. I dance 2-3 times a week!!!

— Peggy Gould

Ron KurrleMy name is Ron Kurrle. I have worked for over 35 years at the Long Beach VA Medical Center in rehab medicine as a Kinesiotherapist.

At 61 years of age and a former Marathoner and Olympic hopeful, I have trained most of my life with some sort of stiffness and pain in my low back and in particular with sciatic nerve pain in both lower legs. I have tried all kinds of remedies. I have tried physical therapy, stretching, hydrotherapy, special exercises, and even variations in the way I trained for running events. Yes, all these things helped somewhat but, I was still in a lot of pain.

In fact, until I met Dr. Schleider two years ago, I was at a point that I could barely run at any pace. My hamstrings were so tight I could hardly touch my knees. None of the things I tried gave me the ability to train and race comfortably until I found the Non-surgical Spine Care Center.

Skeptical by nature, I was not sure what to expect. In fact, I was not confident that anything would change at all. However, from the very first visit and subsequent experiences, I could tell that things were quite different from other clinics. The staff is genuinely friendly and knowledgeable and eager to help me. I believe attitude is such an important ingredient in addition to the right kind of treatment to create a positive experience. The Non-Surgical Spine Care Center staff is truly dedicated to helping not only athletes to perform better but also other patients who need pain relief without the alternative of surgery.

I’d truly like to thank the dedicated staff at Non-Surgical Spine Care Center for helping me to run better again and assisting me in my journey to better health.

— Ron Kurrle

Richard LinnMy name is Richard Linn and I have suffered for most of my adult life from back and sciatic nerve pain. After years of chiropractic treatments, physical therapy, epidurals, pain medication, and two back surgeries (last was a Laminectomy), I still could not find long term relief from debilitating pain.

At 67 and recently retiring from 40 years as an Information Technology Manager, I faced the possibility of spinal fusion surgery, or life in a wheelchair. Unwilling to accept either option, I investigated alternative solutions. My analysis led me to decompression therapy and I made the decision to pursue this option. I chose the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center based on my research and a visit to their office.

After about five months, the pain that was ruining my life, steadily decreased and is now gone. Once again I am physically active and am able to enjoy my favorite pastime of golf. The doctors and staff at the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center helped to relieve my pain and return my quality of life. I would highly recommend this procedure and facility to those whose situation is similar to mine.

— Richard Linn

Colette McNeilMy name is Colette McNeil and I am currently 42 years old. I am a special education teacher and I used to enjoy physical hobbies such as biking, skiing, rollerblading, ATV riding, softball, and some jogging. When I was in my mid-twenties and thirties I began having numbness and tingling in my arms and some off and on again low back pain. As I got into my mid-thirties I was in constant discomfort from my neck down to my hands with numbness and fatigue in my neck, arms and hands. In my low back I had developed sciatica down my legs when sitting for long periods of time.

For my neck issues, I was diagnosed with Cervical Spinal Stenosis, Disc Bulge and Disc Protrusion which impeded my spinal cord in spinal vertebral discs C4, 5 and 6. I was told by medical doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists that I was too young to have surgery and that surgery was not an appropriate option due to the possibility of causing more damage and giving me less movement.

Furthermore, there was nothing else that could be done for me. I was given regular doses of anti-inflammatory and pain medication and told to refrain from physical activities including jogging, running, biking, and anything that would jar my back or bear weight on my arms. As I followed doctor’s orders and continued living in consistent intense discomfort turning to medication and swimming for minor relief, I embarked on researching for myself possible solutions to my suffering.

Then, I found the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center utilizing Spinal Decompression Therapy and I went in for a consultation. I was pleased with the presentation of the therapeutic process described but truthfully was very skeptical. Finding little research on Spinal Decompression at the time and consulting my regularly visited Chiropractor who gave me a 50/50 answer I decided to check with my gut. I found the courage to just give it a try. I did not believe I would be cured of my ailments but, if it could even alleviate some of the discomfort it would be worth the risk.

I began therapy for my neck and low back. I found the therapy to be very comforting and non-invasive. Within the first two weeks I noticed a marked difference in the level of discomfort I was feeling. I was definitely pleased. By the end of the basic period I was pain free in my low back and down to minimal discomfort in my neck due to the level of severity of my injury, I accepted the customary rehydration maintenance package. After a few months my symptoms in my neck began increasing in intensity. I consulted with the doctors at the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center and received additional services at no additional charge. After receiving more therapeutic treatment sessions my pain level decreased again and to my surprise I have actually become truly PAIN FREE!!

Today, I am about 3 months pain free! I am happy to wake up each morning and go through each day without the constant companion of numbness, tingling, shaking, fatigue and pain. I am happy to continually recommend the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center and Spinal Decompression Therapy to anyone I hear complain about their aching back.

— Colette McNeil

Barbara MillerHi, my name is Barbara Miller. I would like to share my story with you. Last year on April 15th, 2008. It was my birthday. I was sitting on my living room floor, I tried to get up and had a sharp pain go up my back. I could not get up. My boyfriend, Ricky, and my dad had to carry me to the car. They took me to the emergency room at the hospital they ran some tests and were going to release me but I could not walk. They ended up admitting me.

I stayed there for 5 days while they ran tests. After the testing they still couldn’t figure out why I could not walk so they released me. I was in a wheelchair and walker for 6 months. After going to several different doctors and all types of tests, I had to wear a back brace whenever I went anywhere. I was finally sent to a spine specialist. He took some x-rays and found out the problem. My L2/L3 disc is totally degenerated we waited for 9 months to see if my back was going to fuse itself, or if I would need back surgery to replace the disc or to fuse my back.

So, we waited and my back fused itself together. The doctor advised me there was nothing he could do for me since my back fused itself together. At this time I was finally walking again without my walker, but still had to wear my brace. Ricky and I went to Silverado days and that’s how we discovered the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center.

Ricky and I talked to the person at the booth and we scheduled a consultation. We met with Dr. Schleider and reviewed the x-rays of my back with him. He was very thorough on what the treatment would do for me. Ricky and I discussed it over. Ricky asked me what I had to lose. So, I decided to try it.

I began treatment in November 2008. I was being treated for my neck due to migraines and my back pain. Since then, I am pain free in my neck and about 85% pain free in my back. I have just started seeing the trainer Jack he has given me some exercises to strengthen my back. It has been a pleasure coming here. The doctors and staff are very warm and welcoming.

— Barbara Miller

LeRoy MillerI have had off and on pain in my neck and lower back for the last 15 years. The pain comes and goes and may very well be because of my bicycle riding and dirt bike riding.

These two activities have taken a toll on my back and my neck. For me, my neck problem is from the weight of the helmets over the years plus looking up while riding a road bike while bent over when riding. My back problem was somewhat caused by years of pounding from dirt biking plus lifting incorrectly.

I am luckier than many folks who are using Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression in that I would suffer from pain about every 3 to 4 months but the lower back pain would almost leave me unable to work or go about daily tasks. The lower back pain would last 3 to 5 days and would require almost total relaxation and some bed care.

I was told by a fellow worker about the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center in Orange County. I came and listened to an introduction to the procedure and was a little skeptical of the procedure but decided to go ahead with it after discussing it with my wife.

After about the 2nd treatment, the neck pain went away and I have not had a problem since. My back pain (sciatica) required much longer and didn’t improve for about 5 to 6 months. It then got much better and I am currently pain-free and I feel great.

I have not missed any activities (bicycling/dirt bike riding) since and I feel the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center is totally responsible for my success.

All the personnel at the Orange County Non-Surgical Spine Care Center have been awesome and very helpful and they are always smiling and friendly. I have received information on exercises along with vitamins to use in which helped mobility a bunch. I am very grateful and would recommend this procedure before considering any surgery.

— LeRoy Miller

George PickettI am 78 years old and in 1988 I retired. My career was as a sales engineer and a national product sales manager for a major corporation. My new profession is day-trading. I was raised in Southern California with outside sports activities that my wife and I did together. Activities that my wife and I participate in are: Tennis, Golf, Body Building, Sailing, Surfing, Diving, Biking, Rollerblading, Snow skiing and Water Skiing.

The first of my back pain was Saturday the 5th of September 2009. On the 9th I went to the VA Hospital for x-rays and they put me on pills and told me to get back in 30 days. For a person that does not use drugs in any style you can imagine what shape my mind was in after taking those pills. They did not stop the pain. My pain threshold if you could measure it from 0-100 was about 120. There was no relief. There was no way to sleep. Out of a 8 hour sleeping period I might of gotten 10-20 minutes sleep time every 2 to 3 hours. This excruciating pain ran from the top of my waist on the right side all the way down to my right ankle. It did not miss any portion of that. 100% Pain Totally!!! My wife says there has got to be a better way as I am NOT putting up with you!

The First time into the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center I entered in a wheelchair on September 24th, 2009 for x-rays and consultation. My consultation with Dr. Schleider was eye opening. He is the most caring and compassionate human being that I have met in a long time. My first treatment was September 25, 2009. Ten weeks later December 4th I am within 80-90% of normalcy.

When I entered the Center I could not stand up without outside help. I thank God for this clinic. They not only had the ability but the desire to help me start to recover. The very unique capable team at the center gave to me in 10 weeks a chance for this recovery. You have to remember when I initially entered the Non Surgical Spine Care Center I was bent over at the waist so far that I could touch my forearms and wrists on the floor. At the present time I believe I am at least 170 degrees upright. This is quite an accomplishment. I expect within the next 4 weeks to be back as original and starting exercising and doing my normal activities.

This is all thanks to all the fine people at the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center. My recovery could only be accomplished by the caring and capable people at the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center.

— George Pickett

Brenda PlascenciaMy name is Brenda Plascencia – Carvizosa and I am 36 years old. I am a teacher and before receiving this treatment I almost gave up working with children because my back was literally making me disabled!

My major problems are in my lower back. I have suffered with back (and neck) problems for 15 years now, since my son was born. Although doctors have insisted that my problems are genetic and not caused by his birth, which I do not fully believe…anyway, I used to go to a chiropractor (for 9 years) and my back just kept getting worse and worse until he finally told me there was nothing more he could do and that on top of my degenerating disks that I also had the beginnings of spinal stenosis and that adjustments would hurt me.

I went to other doctors and they gave me physical therapy. I did spinal epidurals which didn’t fix my problem. It was just a band-aid and very painful. I tried taking pain pills but had to keep increasing my dosage until it was getting too much and potentially causing other problems with my liver. I even tried nerve blocking medication but it just made me crazy.

I found the Spine Care Center at the OC Fair (of all places!) it has been a GOD SEND! I decided to commit to three times a week for months and people thought I was nuts because I have to drive one hour here and one hour home but, I am so glad I found this place because I went from being almost disabled and out of work to being able to play with the kids, walk (and run if I want) again and it is a blessing!

Dr. Nguyen, Dani, Nancy and V made my three times weekly visits so comfortable and I knew that they cared about my health. They were so patient with me because at first, I was not able to stand by myself after being on the machines my back was so weak and my life has completely turned around.

I am so thankful for this new science and hope that others that are in constant pain will consider giving it a try. The money is nothing compared to the ability to live a normal life. Thank you to all!!!

— Brenda Plascencia – Carvizosa

Darrell RallMy name is Darrell Rall and I am 61 years old. About 3 years ago I started having pain in my lower back and down my right leg. It got so bad that on a scale of 1 to 10 the pain on a daily basis went to a 9 – 10 at times. It got so bad that I could hardly walk.

I went to my Doctor who referred me to a Neurologist that put me on Pain medication and said that if the pain persisted surgery was the next option. I went to a 2nd Neurologist that put me on more medication and told me that we had to find a way to treat the pain with medication or surgery. I was taking 11 pills a day in order to function in my daily activities without debilitating pain when I came to the Non-Surgical spine care center.

After 1 month of treatment I was down to 2 pills a day and after 2 months I was down to 0 pills a day. My pain level was down to a manageable 3 – 5 worst case on bad days. After 6 months of treatment I was down to a 2 – 3 worst case and back to a normal life. I have been taking the treatment for about 1 year now and my pain level never gets any worse than a 2. I am totally pain free for at least 90 to 95 % of the time.

I am totally and completely sold on this type of treatment. It is painless, non-invasive and very easy to do. The total program has been a life saver for me and I would and have recommended this treatment to all of the people that I know and meet that have similar issues as mine.

If you have back pain now or if you ever do I would highly recommend that you try this Non-Surgical treatment before you let anyone cut on your back.

My primary care Doctor told me when I was going to the Neurologist that if there was anything I could do to prevent back surgery, that is what I needed to do. He has not had a single patient that had back surgery that was successful. Back surgery in most cases does not work. The Neurologist told me that the success rate of back surgery is about 30%.

— Darrell Rall

Holly RedmanMy name is Holly Redman. I just turned 50 in November. I am a nurse and had worked in surgery for 21½ years until a final back injury, in April 2006, forced me to stop working.

The first injury I incurred at work was in March 1990. I had severe lower back pain that radiated down my left leg all the way to my foot. I had difficulty walking and had difficulty lifting my leg to get in the car to go home that day. A few years later I was again at work lifting an item and as I straightened to an upright position, I felt a pop in my lower back and a sharp pain, I fell to the ground because my leg gave out. The last time was a fall on the way to an emergency situation.

As you can see I have a chronic problem. I have had epidurals – some have worked, others not, I have had epidural steroid facet injections, radio frequency ablation of nerves, muscle relaxers, pain meds escalating to heavy duty narcotics, and physical therapy of different degrees.

I came across the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center at a health expo. It sounded interesting but I was very skeptical due to my surgical background. On my consultation I found the office and staff to be very helpful, professional, and friendly. They do what they need to do to make your experience positive.

Thanks to their therapy and decompression treatments I have my life back. I am up and about on my feet and back to my old self. I never thought I would see this day. Surgery was just not an option for me. I am so thankful that I’ve had this course of treatment. Knowing that I will have a maintenance program available to me is crucial. They don’t just throw you out once your initial therapy is over, they are there for life.

I was facing a multi-level fusion, I was flat on my back most of the time in a severe depression, not to mention the effects of all that on my ever supportive husband and family. Back pain takes a toll on the entire family. Now, I’m facing my life again, and its wonderful to be on my feet and functioning again without debilitating pain!

— Holly Redman

Dan RosicaMy name is Dan Rosica, I am 51 years old and I have been working in the construction industry for 30 years. Because of the physical nature of this business I experienced lower back pain at an early age.

In my 20’s I started to see a chiropractor. I did this on and off for 20 years. I wanted to believe this was helping me but the severe pain would still come and go. Even when I was conscious of my back and using proper lifting and bending techniques my lower back would often go out.

It was like a time bomb often having to endure serious pain for two weeks before feeling any relief. When I heard about the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center I wanted to find out more.

After a consultation with the doctor explaining the procedure about the decompression of the spine it made a lot of sense. So, I decided to give it a try. Not only do you get the decompression treatment but, several other treatments that really seem to work.

I have had 15 sessions so far along with several consultations with their in house strength and conditioning coach and I can really feel the difference. I feel a lot better I believe with this treatment and my stretching and exercise routine my days of extreme back pain are over.

— Dan Rosica

degenerative disc disease treatmentI wanted everyone to know…..

My name is Ray Smith. I recently had my 53rd birthday and for the last 3 years I have been pain free.

In my younger years I was as active as I could be with outdoor activities. Many of the activities included all high school sports, surfing, dirt bike riding, mountain biking, scuba diving and more. As for my profession I have been a Painting Contractor for 25 years.

In my 40’s I started to notice lower back pain that was progressively getting worse. The pain was preventing me from a restful night sleep, unable to straighten my knees and back when getting out of bed and having difficulty finding any comfortable position while sitting or standing.

In April 2006 I gave in and went to UCLA Medical to see a doctor. The report after the examination and x-rays showed that I had anterior slippage of my L3/L4, broken facets at the same and Degenerative Disc Disease. Their recommendation was one of two things – the orthopedic department or physical therapy; I opted for the physical therapy. The physical therapy evaluation resulted with them telling me that through their exercises I should be able to maintain my current condition and not expect to see any real improvement.

Within a week of the P.T. evaluation I stumbled upon The Non-Surgical Spine Care Center. After explaining my condition I was invited to come in for a free exam which included x-rays. When the exam was completed by Dr. Schleider he agreed with the findings from UCLA Medical but unlike them felt that he could help my pain. Right away we got started on an 8 week/24 treatment program.

Now here is the really good news, by around the 10th to 12th treatment I was sleeping restfully through the night, able to stand straight upright when waking in the morning and was moving freely throughout the day without the presence of pain. I was ready to stop and not finish the full series of treatments but was encouraged to finish and let the system complete its work.

Within the program is included the rehydration program. I would highly recommend that a person take advantage of what they have to offer. Hat’s off to the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center’s Staff & a Huge Thanks to Dr. Barry Schleider.

— Ray Smith

Jack SparksMy name is Jack Sparks and retired at 79 years old. I had lower back and sciatica down left leg with lots of pain. I could not sit without hurting. Only when I lay down was when I was out of pain.

I started hurting in October got a little better for 2 weeks then constant pain till I started Non-Surgical Spine Care. I noticed the difference after 6 visits. It got better at 35 visits, I was 85% better. I started going once a week and I am 95%! I have very little pain if I over do it with yard work or moving something heavy. I can now move freely WITHOUT pain. I play golf 2 times a week. The Staff treated me real well.

— Jack Sparks

Larry StollMy name is Larry Stoll and I am a professional Merchant Marine in Long Beach and Los Angeles harbors working on tugboats and barges which requires climbing ladders on the sides of ships and barges.

I experienced pain in my neck and shoulder down my arm and back in 2008 when I was 59 years old. I went to both a chiropractor and an M.D. to try to alleviate this pain which I experienced for over a month, 24 hours a day and growing worse. Both determined I needed an MRI. So I went to a Neurologist and had an MRI done.

This revealed a pinched nerve between two vertebrae causing constant pain in my neck, shoulder and arm which was growing worse. I even received a steroid shot in my neck. This gave me temporary relief. But it finally got to the point that I had to decide on surgery or something new a friend mentioned. This friend told me about the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center in Fountain Valley.

At my consultation, they looked at my MRI and determined that their procedure could help me. They had worked with people with pinched nerves before. This turned out to be a blessing that saved me from having surgery. I signed up for their program and thanks to Dr. Barry Schleider, his staff and the treatment I received, I have been pain free for the last two years, playing golf, riding my motorcycle and back on the job.

— Larry Stoll

Gary ThiessenApproximately 15 months ago I began having trouble with pain in my hamstring area of both legs. After some time I went for an MRI and began using Fentanyl patches for severe pain. I went to an orthopedic surgeon to have my MRI read. My surgeon told me that he needed to take four discs out of my back from my stomach and then insert a titanium rod into my spine.

I had spoken with many people who had mixed feelings about surgery but with my pain as close to a 10 as you can get I was actually considering the surgery. In my last ditch effort I turned to the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center for their professional opinion. Dr. Schleider provided me with an x-ray of my spine. Dr. Schleider said I had a very severe compressed L-2 disc which would account for all the sciatic nerve pain in my buttocks down to my lower calf.

I agreed to the treatment and it has been the best choice I have made in years. I started rehab with Dr. Schleider in November 2008 and after several months of treatment I have just finished painting the outside of my home. I currently attend my rehab twice weekly and will soon be going to once weekly. My pain has decreased 70%. My family doctor is amazed at my recovery from disabling spinal decompression.

The staff at Non-Surgical Spine Care Center is very attentive and kind. It is obvious they take great satisfaction in helping people in pain to regain their mobility. The procedures are painless and very well planned out to provide a complete disc decompression process including a physical fitness trainer to answer questions and provide suggested exercises that improve your physical fitness and quality of life.

I have told everyone I know about Non-Surgical Spine Care Center and each referral has come back to me with positive results. Dr. Schleider and his staff did not promise me the world. However, they did promise to stick with me to provide a new quality of life.

For their commitment to me I want to thank Dr. Schleider and his entire staff of doctors and employees.

— Gary Thiessen

Jennifer TrimbleMy name is Jennifer Trimble, a 34 year old Registered Nurse. I injured my back at work causing a herniated disc with extreme pain radiating down my left leg. This injury has affected every aspect of my life. I was unable to carry out my daily activities, as well as being unable to work. I went through Workers Comp receiving Physical Therapy and anti-inflammatory agents as well as muscle relaxants. Nothing seemed to help the pain. The pain only seemed to increase. I went to the Emergency Room several times only to be sent home on heavy pain killers that put me to sleep.

I was in an extreme amount of pain when I came to the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center. During the initial consultation I literally had to lie down on the floor in the Doctor’s office because I could not sit in the chair the pain was so bad. The Spine Care Center and the Decompression treatments that I have received have been the answer to my prayers! The Staff here could not be any better. Everyone is very kind and compassionate, and very accommodating to their patient’s needs. The environment that they provide with their positive attitudes helps to increase the healing measures.

Today I am PAIN FREE! I am moving forward toward getting my life back. I am able to sit, stand and walk, without crying in pain. I am able to drive my car again and returning to my job. I would definitely recommend the Spine Care Center to anyone suffering from back pain!!

— Jennifer Trimble

spinal stenosis treatmentI am 68 years old. I am an interior designer. I have had back problems for the last 30 years. I have gone to chiropractors; I have been treated by a back surgeon with physical therapy and cortisone shots. Nothing much worked. I was diagnosed with disc problems, arthritis in my spine and spinal stenosis. Needless to say, working was difficult and walking even more so. I was told that it was not a matter of if I got back surgery, but when and the suggestion was to do it ASAP.

I was very hesitant and so when I spoke to a representative of the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center in the summer of 2008 but I decided to look into this alternative. After having an interview at the Spine Care Center and still not sure I looked at two other programs that offered similar procedures. After seeing these, I became convinced that the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center offered the most complete, up-to-date, professional and caring program and began spinal decompression.

I required quite a few visits (I think somewhere around 50) and in the beginning months at times left as bad or worse than before, but I spoke to the doctors and was assured I was progressing. So, I stayed with it and today, I live a completely different life. No ice packs every evening. I can walk wherever I want and can go up and down stairs, all pain free. I am working full time; I have taken up golf and even do yoga and Pilates all thanks to this procedure.

— Judy Van Sise

PaulMy name is Paul and I am 53 years old and work as a pressman at a Graphic Arts business. When I was younger I rode "Motorcross" every weekend and had several broken collar bones and lots of other pulls and sprains. In the last 10 years I have switched to running and have participated in several marathons, I always had pain somewhere. Most of my pain was in my back and neck, it never stopped me but it made a lot of days very unpleasant and hard to just get through. The pain went from once in a while to just about all the time.

When I arrived at the Spine Center my neck and back, on a pain scale of 1 to 10 was an 8 or 9. In the past I had spent thousands of dollars on different treatments, Chiropractors, Acupuncture and cortisone injections, none of them helped me.

After a few treatments with the friendly staff and employees my symptoms improved dramatically.

My pain is now on a pain scale of 0 to 1 and I feel great. I highly recommend anyone with pain try the free consultation, they won't be sorry they will wish they found this years ago.

The best part about the Spine Center is there is a one-time charge, for Life, so you can come back anytime you feel you need a treatment just to keep you feeling good.

— Paul

Bill WinchesterMy name is Bill Winchester, and I am 79 years old. As a 13 year old kid I was injured in a farm accident. My cervical and lumbar regions were bruised or damaged and no examination by a doctor was made. Over the years this condition, while I was young, was not a problem. In my late thirties things started to change and by the seventies I was in constant pain.

Being an Engineer I was cognizant of what was going on but the only solution seemed to be surgery. One day I read about the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center and I researched the procedure. I found it to be very logical way to relieve the pain I experienced so I proceeded to sign up to enter the program. I am glad I did for the direct associated pain in my back is gone. My headaches from the cervical injury have decreased in frequency and are long periods apart. Typically the headaches are now associated only with migraines.

My recommendation: If you have back pains from any cause inquire into Non-Surgical Spine Care Center. Take a trip to the facility and investigate the procedure.

— Bill Winchester

Gloria WinscottI am 64 and recently retired from the securities industry. I began having lower back problems four years ago. An MRI report diagnosed a “mild” disc bulge at L5.

An orthopedist gave me exercises to do. The pain was tolerable because it was not constant. As the months went by the pain became more frequent and increased in intensity, going into my right buttock and down my right leg into my foot. The “pins and needles” feeling sent me to the doctor. More MRIs and physical therapy and I was feeling worse.

In the summer of 2008, I saw a neurosurgeon (more MRIs) who said I was not a candidate for surgery. He gave me a prescription for a lumbar epidural performed at Hoag Hospital. Eighty percent of the pain disappeared so I could spend 20 hours on airplanes traveling to Uganda East Africa where my husband was. I do short term missionary work at an orphanage and school.

The pain returned after two months. I waited till the pain was so bad in April 2009, I saw a new orthopedist. His procedure for an injection into the sciatic nerve required anesthesia. The procedure was painful and the large dose of steroids had unwanted side effects.

I vowed I would never do that again! How could I do that to my body 3-4 times a year for 20 years?! There was nowhere to turn.

Then I heard about the Spinal Decompression Center. I went in September 2009 being very skeptical. I had some gradual improvement with 20 treatments. But, after treatment 26 I could sleep on my back. For me, the ultimate test.

For years I’ve had to sleep on my left side only. I just spent three weeks in Uganda pain free! What a test to ride over dirt roads with lots of potholes on buses with no shock absorbers! I am still pain free.

Everyone at the Center is pleasant, friendly and extends themselves to be helpful. It has been a very good experience and worth every dollar!

— Gloria Winscott

Linda WolikHi my name is Linda and I am 62 years old. I was forced to retire approximately four years ago at the age of 58. I awoke one morning and was unable to get up or get out of bed. I had never suffered back pain before and was unable to determine what was wrong. I could no longer perform daily functions without severe pain and had trouble completing the easiest of tasks. I was ultimately diagnosed with having a deteriorating spine and five herniated discs.

I have been suffering with severe lower back and neck pain for the past four years. I have been referred to and seen many doctors and specialists in an attempt to get my life back. Doctor’s have given me many epidurals in hopes that this would relieve the pain and allow me to function normally. The epidurals would work for only a short time masking the pain and it would soon wear off. I was then given trigger point shots and they would also work for a short period of time and the pain would again return. I then tried acupuncture and that never really worked. I was so frustrated and disappointed. I could no longer drive and now had to use a cane to maintain my balance and keep from falling.

I remember the day when I saw your information booth and spoke with your representatives reference the Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy. I was excited yet hesitant. Having tried various treatments in the past I approached this with cautious optimism. I did not know if I would be a candidate but hoped with only minimal expectations.

I can now tell you, that this was the best thing to ever happen to me. I have had 23 visits and have shown remarkable improvements. I no longer have to use my cane and I have started to drive again. I am now able to do simple household chores that I was unable to do before. I have 5 grandchildren and can enjoy spending time with them. Don’t get me wrong, I am not running marathons but I am able to spend a day at Disneyland or even an afternoon out with my family, which I could not do before.

The staff at the center is always friendly and nice. They treat you with respect and are always encouraging. At the end of each session you are even offered a bottle of water before you leave. My family and friends as well as my other DOCTORS cannot believe the dramatic improvements I have made. This can be seen in the way I walk, move, and even how I look because the pain is going away. I recommend that if you suffer from back pain as I did, take the time to come down to the center. Get an x-ray and talk with the doctor. See what the center has to offer. It has made a dramatic change in my life and may be able to do the same for you.

— Linda Wolik

Frank ZaraI am 65 years old and I retired from the printing industry a few years ago. My first neck problem happened over eight years ago to my right side. It started slowly radiating from my neck down to my forearm. I could not tilt my head back; it would start feeling numb in my neck and shoulder. I tried different paths to alleviate my pain from Medical Doctors, prescribed pain medication, traditional Chiropractic Doctors and Chiropractic Acupuncture.

Finally, out of depression I took the recommendation from an Orthopedic Surgeon and had an epidural that finally brought some relief. This procedure is not for the faint of heart and after listening to all the problems that could happen you have to feel that you are out of options to do this procedure.

Then, three years ago, I started to have some discomfort and stiffness on the left side of my neck. Over time, my neck pain increased and it started migration from the neck down to the shoulder area. Pain medication did not help much and the discomfort was limiting my neck movement again. I really was not happy to go through that epidural process again, even though I had a good result the first time. There is a big downside to the epidural procedure, and I did not want to press my luck.

I happened to run across the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center display in Huntington Beach and picked up the information about the center. I went in to see Dr. Schleider and had a tour of the center and an evaluation to see if I was a candidate for treatment. Years of use and some bone spurs had taken their toll on the discs in my neck. I wanted to try the non-surgical approach and see if it could give me some relief. I went through my first series of treatments and during that time the radiating neck pain became less and less and I had free movement all around. After a few more treatments, I was pain free.

I would recommend the Non-Surgical Spine Care Center to anyone who has back or neck pain. Many thanks to everyone at the center; you did a great job for me.

— Frank Zara

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