Is The Total Spine Care Solution™
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If you have chronic back pain or neck pain, you’re not alone. Take our short questionnaire below, click the submit button and get your severity score immediately. This score and the analysis from our experts will help you understand whether or not our Total Spine Care Solution™ is right for you.

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1. Have you been diagnosed by a Physician with any of the following conditions?

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2. How often do you notice your pain?

3. How intense is the pain that you are currently suffering from?

4. Does your condition limit your ability to sit/stand for any amount of time?

5. Does your condition keep you from doing normal activities in your life? I.e. the ability to drive your car for more than short distances, performing your normal job duties, recreational activities, etc.

6. Does your pain travel from your low back or neck into your extremities?

7. Do you experience Numbness or Tingling in your extremities?

8. Do you have Weakness or Loss of Muscle Function in your extremities?

9. Do any of the following apply to you? Click all that apply.