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Chronic Back Pain and Neck Pain
Services That Get Results.

The chronic back pain and neck pain service model for our premiere non-surgical spine care center is founded on a revolutionary breakthrough program called: The Total Spine
Care Solution™.

The Total Spine Care Solution™ is a personally customized 12 step program to relieve you of your chronic back pain or chronic neck pain in 12 weeks or less. Our program has five major parts.

Part One: Evidence-Based Medicine

Our specialists go to great lengths to ensure a proper and clearly understood diagnosis of your condition. We will use all or a combination of digital x-rays, neural conduction sensory exams, functional capacity evaluations, the oswestry disability index and any other evidence based medical procedure needed to assist us in effectively developing the best surefire Total Spine Care Solution™ for you.

As your treatment program moves forward our specialists will continue to monitor your progress through our evidence based medicine approach. This will ensure the fastest, easiest and most effective pain relief time line for you.

Part Two: State of the Art Medical Therapy Equipment

After developing your custom tailored Total Spine Care Solution™ with our evidence based medicine we will begin the process of relieving you from your pain. This process will involve our state of the art medical therapy equipment.

Based on your Total Spine Care Solution™ we will determine effective levels of treatment using our disc decompression therapy, our proprietary electrical wave horizontal therapy and our dry hydrotherapy.

Part Three: Functional & Core Strengthening

The third part of your Total Spine Care Solution™ is functional core strengthening. This is one of the missing links to healing from chronic back pain and neck pain.

Your custom tailored Total Spine Care Solution™ will outline a functional core strengthening plan to provide you lasting results. Your plan will focus on the surrounding structures of your pain area with an emphasis on regaining balance,
strength and endurance.

One of the primary results from your functional core strengthening plan will be the long-term avoidance of disc degeneration and the decreasing of strain on your spine.

Part Four: Personalized Coaching and Lifestyle Changes

The fourth part of your Total Spine Care Solution™ is personalized coaching and lifestyle changes. This is another missing link to healing your from your chronic pain.

In this part of your pain relief program you will participate in a nutritional consultation with one of our specialists. The goal will be to determine how your physical state responds to changes in your eating habits and use of supplements. Achieving this goal will allow us to empower you add foods into your diet that will best promote your healing process while reducing inflammation.

You will also be coached on daily living activities that best support and damage your body's healing process.

Part Five: In-depth Medical Supervision

Throughout the entirety of your Total Spine Care Solution™ program our medical specialists will be monitoring and reviewing your body's reaction to our therapy. The supervisory process we have in place will allow us to deliver you fast, effective and lasting pain relief in the shortest amount of time.

This part of our Total Spine Care Solution™ program highlights our commitment to serving you with the best certified spine care specialists. Your benefit is peace-of-mind and assurance throughout the entire pain relief therapy process.

The Total Spine Care Solution™ Service Offerings

  • The Total Spine Care Solution™ for Chronic Back Pain Sufferers
  • The Total Spine Care Solution™ for Chronic Neck Pain Sufferers
  • The Total Spine Care Solution™ for Sciatica Sufferers
  • The Total Spine Care Solution™ for Herniated Disc
    or Bulging Disc Sufferers
  • The Total Spine Care Solution™ for Degenerative Disc Disease Sufferers
  • The Total Spine Care Solution™ for Foraminal Stenosis Sufferers
  • The Total Spine Care Solution™ for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

7 Reasons Why The Total Spine Care Solution™ Is The Best

  1. The Expertise. See why we are the neck and back pain experts.

  2. World Class Value. You simply will not find another spine care center to provide you the value we do for the minimal investment we ask. Part of this value includes our No Obligation Total Spine Care Consultation, our old-fashioned house-call dedication, our comprehensive multi-disciplinary expertise, our all inclusive approach and our Lifetime Rehydration Program.

    If you could find another clinic that achieved results like we do you could easily expect to pay 2-3 times more. In fact, most of our patients tell us when comparing other clinics to our comprehensive spine care center there really is no comparison at all.

  3. Lifetime Rehydration Program. Think of this program as a lifetime insurance policy on your spine that comes at no additional cost to you. Gone are the days when you have to dread the drain on your pocket book that comes with picking up the phone to schedule a checkup for your neck or back simply because something just doesn't feel right.

    Why should you have to pay again and again and again for something you expected to be taken care of the first time
    you paid for it?

    We agree with you! That's exactly why our Lifetime Rehydration Program gives you the freedom to schedule a complete Total Spine Care Solution™ checkup every 8-10 weeks 100% Free for the rest of your life. It's our way of saying, "We are committed to you for the long-term even
    forever if required."

  4. Old-fashioned, House-call Dedication with 21st Century Technology. We don't operate under a "revolving door, we accept everyone" approach like some clinics. We only select candidates who meet specific criteria for our specialized care.

    Our first criteria is whether or not we can help you. We will not just take your money with our fingers crossed that something we do "might" just work. If we are not confident we can help you with your pain condition then we will do three things: (1) we will tell you that you're not a good candidate for our treatment, (2) we will completely educate you on your condition, all your options and then ensure you are referred to the best specialist we know to make sure you're taken care of and (3) we will not charge you a single penny for the time we spend consulting with you.

    On average we turn away approximately 20% of those who apply for the care we offer. Our highly selective and honest approach empowers our specialists to maximize their expertise on a very personal and effective level with you through the delivery of our specialized care.

  5. Non-invasive. No medications. No injections. No surgery. Our expertise allows us to relieve you of your chronic back pain or chronic neck pain without the use of injections, medications or any type of surgery. This, in-turn, allows you to continue working during the treatment process. No recovery time is required. Our non-invasive approach also protects you from risks like infections, anesthesia side effects and others that
    accompany surgery.

  6. Effective. Simply put our comprehensive spine care center achieves results far and above what another clinic might achieve. We consistently average over 2000+ patient visits each month to our non-surgical spine care center. That number alone speaks to the confidence patients have in our ability to relieve them of their chronic pain.

    The largest group of patients we treat with our specialized care are those who have tried everything from surgery, to medications, to injections and to chiropractors with little to no result.

  7. All Inclusive. We want you to think of the specialized, proven back pain experience you will receive with us as the all inclusive Sandals resort for your spine.

    Once you make your investment you will never have to get your wallet out again. Every procedure, every test, every x-ray, every exam, every doctor's consultation, every therapy, every core strengthening activity, every nutritional consultation...everything on our menu of services now or twenty years from now is available to you under the guided supervision
    of our specialists.

    You will NOT be nickeled and dimed with us. You will only pay once and never again for the lifetime of your treatment.

    Question: But what if a new procedure or new test or new way of treating chronic pain is discovered?
    Answer: No worries. Your initial and only investment covers you forever. Just come back and see us at noadditional charge.

    Question: But what do I do when my chronic pain is completely gone in twelve weeks or less and then comes back ten years from now?
    Answer: No worries. Your initial and only investment covers you forever. Just come back and see us at no
    additional charge.

    There are no hidden costs with our Total Spine Care Solution™ program. You get all the expertise and treatment required to get you well and keep you well for the rest of your life. We are committed to you for
    as long as it takes.

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  • One-on-one Consultation with a Specialist. No waiting in a lobby for hours. You'll be seen by an actual doctor that will spend actual time with you. Current findings as well as past studies such as MRI's will be reviewed with you in detail.
  • Digital X-rays (in position of function). This allows us to get a real picture of what's affecting your spine. They're digital which means we can put them on a disc for you to keep.
  • Full Tour of our Facility. To experience who we are and what we do. Peace-of-mind and comfort doesn't just come from a treatment program,
    but also from the people you will be interacting with. Come meet our staff, see our spine care center and learn first-hand why we get raving
    customer testimonials.
  • Total Spine Care Solution™ Blueprint. You get every last detail of what your condition is and how we will relieve you of your pain through your personalized Total Spine Care Solution™.
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