9 Reasons Why Our Chronic Back Pain Relief Program Is The Best Option

  1. American Spinal Decompression Association

    You get peace-of-mind. We are one of only a few elite clinics certified by the ASDA - The American Spinal Decompression Association. Our elite team of specialists have successfully – time and time again - treated the toughest chronic back pain and neck pain cases with professionalism and precision.

  2. You get treatment you can put your trust in. We are one of the largest chronic back pain and neck pain centers in California for a reason. That reason is trust as represented by our unprecedented number of 2,000 – 2,500 patient visits every month.

  3. You get the Rolls Royce of chronic back pain treatment. We only use the best medical technology available. By doing so, we not only provide you with the finest pre and post therapies, but also the finest decompression equipment on the market.

  4. You get proven licensed experience. We are a Medical facility run by a licensed Medical Doctor who supervises all prescribed back pain and neck pain treatment, exams, and re-exams.

  5. You get specialized care. We have a 5000 square foot non-surgical spine care center that’s been specifically designed to treat disc related issues only. Our emphasis in being specialized, as opposed to being a “we do it all clinic” with watered-down treatment programs, allows us to laser focus. This ensures the best results in treating even the most difficult of patients.

  6. You get convenience. We understand fully how the stresses of life can really mount up with all the responsibilities you have outside of getting treatment for your chronic back pain. That’s exactly why we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure your treatment with us is as convenient on you as possible. We have long office hours from Monday through Saturday with appointments from 8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.

  7. You get a life-long insurance plan with zero-risk. Our rehydration program has set the bar for care in the non-surgical spine care industry. The bottom line is we are committed to you long-term. How so? You will have access to life time re-hydration visits at no cost to you. Our number one priority is relieving you of your chronic back pain and getting you well. We will do whatever it takes in order to do so.

  8. You get access to our functional and core strengthening programs. These programs are an integral part of the process to assure lasting results. You will receive hands on therapy teaching you the importance of core muscle strength and good spinal health.

  9. You get a team of specialists focused on the correct goal. Our goal is to treat the cause, not just the symptoms. This approach ensures you don’t simply experience short term results but that you actually get well for good. The best part is we do this for you with no surgery, no injections, and no medication.

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  • Digital X-rays (in position of function). This allows us to get a real picture of what's affecting your spine. They're digital which means we can put them on a disc for you to keep.
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