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We're not just asking you to take our word on being California's Premier Non-Surgical Spine Care Center. We want to prove it to you 100% Risk-Free. We want to earn your trust before you ever invest a penny with us. That's why we are offering you a No Obligation Total Spine Care Consultation.

Here's what you get:

  • Digital X-Rays. We will shoot your digital x-rays and put them on a CD for you to take home to share with love ones. This will help them understand your back pain condition. You are also free to share your digital x-rays with a clinic should you choose not to use our comprehensive spine care center.

  • Tour of our Spine Care Center. We will take the time to personally show you around our spine care center. This will give you a complete understanding of who we are and what we do. At the end of your tour it will be crystal clear to you why and how we are California's Premiere Non-Surgical Spine Care Center.

  • Informational Video. You will watch a video describing the details about our ground breaking total spine care program. You will clearly understand how we uniquely combine spinal decompression with our 12 step Total Spine Care Solution™ to relieve you from your back pain. At the end of the video you'll have an opportunity to sit with one of our specialists and have all your questions answered.

  • 45 minute, One-on-one Consultation. During your visit to our spine care center we will set aside time for you to visit our specialist one-on-one for approximately 45 minutes. During this time our specialist will review any past studies you have undergone, your health history and your digital x-rays. Our specialist will then completely educate you on your back pain condition. Upon leaving our spine care center you will have a full understanding of the back pain condition you are suffering from.

  • Total Spine Care Solution™ Blueprint. If you qualify as a candidate for one of our programs and are selected as a potential patient we will provide you with a step-by-step Total Spine Care Solution™ Blueprint. This blueprint will outline your road to recovery. It will be yours to keep whether you choose to recover from your pain with our comprehensive spine care center or look at a clinic to try and meet your needs

We are number one in customer satisfaction because of the personalized care we provide you even before you invest a penny with us. Our patients routinely tell us they are used to waiting in a lobby forever at clinics to make a co-pay to then only spend a few rushed minutes with the doctor. This often results in prescribed medications and a referral for physical therapy.

That type of dreadful experience will never happen for you at our non-surgical spine care center. We will greet you with a smile and go to great lengths to treat you like a VIP from the moment we meet throughout the lifetime of your experience with us.

If our spinal decompression treatment that is uniquely packaged with our 12 step Total Spine Care Solution™ isn't right for you that's okay. You'll still walk away with the five benefits above for FREE. You will also have a deep and clear understanding of your back pain condition and what you must to do to get rid of your back pain

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Here is everything you get for making one simple phone call.
  • One-on-one Consultation with a Specialist. No waiting in a lobby for hours. You'll be seen by an actual doctor that will spend actual time with you. Current findings as well as past studies such as MRI's will be reviewed with you in detail.
  • Digital X-rays (in position of function). This allows us to get a real picture of what's affecting your spine. They're digital which means we can put them on a disc for you to keep.
  • Full Tour of our Facility. To experience who we are and what we do. Peace-of-mind and comfort doesn't just come from a treatment program,
    but also from the people you will be interacting with. Come meet our staff, see our spine care center and learn first-hand why we get raving
    customer testimonials.
  • Total Spine Care Solution™ Blueprint. You get every last detail of what your condition is and how we will relieve you of your pain through your personalized Total Spine Care Solution™.
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